It's Time To Protect Your Family
It's Time to Protect Your Family

The Premier Elder Law Firm in
Ocean and Monmouth Counties Will Help.

Drafting a will may not be at the top your to-do list. And planning for potential disability or other hardship is likely not a priority either. Few of us enjoy the tough tasks of preparing ourselves—and our families—for traumatic life changes.

But it's the responsible thing to do. And taking care of things like Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Disability Protection today means you'll have tremendous peace of mind moving forward. All your wishes, decisions, and important documents will be in place when you and your loved ones need them most.

At the boutique firm of Novy & Associates, we make the process easy, painless, and affordable for people of all ages. Our highly specialized team of Elder Law experts serves Ocean and Monmouth counties (and beyond) in these areas:

While we pride ourselves on impeccable performance and professionalism, we value our client relationships above all else. When you walk through our door, we put all our knowledge and resources to work for you. No matter how large or small your needs—whether a minor Estate Planning matter or a major Medicaid planning issue—we treat you with respect and compassion. We pledge to return your phone calls promptly (within one business day), and prepare your documents quickly and thoroughly.

Our approach is holistic. Should you require services beyond our firm's scope—healthcare providers, real estate agents, or Assisted Living facilities, for example—we are well connected and respected in the community and can put you in the capable hands of other caring professionals.

You work a lifetime to build your assets and cultivate your legacy. Make sure they are preserved for generations to come and distributed according to your wishes.

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